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- Traffic damage to thirds and own vehicles / Fire / Robbery /Atmospheric Events
- Civil Responsibility for grievous bodily harm or death and damage to the unrelated property

- Limit compensation: 100.000,00 CUC

- Limit to 20.000,00 to grievous bodily harm or death per people
- Limit to 15.000,00 damage to the property per unrelated person

Insurance is not included in the rental price; THE CLIENT will pay the corresponding amount in cash at the time of the collection of the vehicle. THE CLIENT will not be entitled to any refund of money if he interrupts the rental before the scheduled date and indicated on the Rental Card.

THE CLIENT will pay as a Security Deposit the amount indicated in the Rental Card. The Deposit of Guarantee will be returned after the vehicle is examined by a person responsible for THE LESSOR, which in case of damage due to improper use will dictate the amount that THE CLIENT must pay. This amount will be deducted from the deposited bond, accepting THE CLIENT the payment of the difference if the cost of the damages exceeds the value of the deposit deposited. In case of an accident, the amount of the franchise will also be deducted from the deposit. In the event that the lessee has to be paid compensation for the rental price paid in advance, this amount will be returned together with the deposit.

- THE LESSOR will deliver the vehicle covered by an insurance policy, whose guarantees and limits of indemnification are indicated in the Rental Card.
- In the case of loss due to theft, damage, missing or any loss in the vehicle, THE CLIENT will not be exempted from the obligation of payment for compensation, if he does not make the corresponding report to the police authorities of the country and stops communicating to the experts of SEPSA so that they can attend the place of the event. In the latter case you can do so by calling the ASSISTANCE SERVICE by telephone +5372617133, +5372045720 and +5372062749.

THE LESSOR will charge the CLIENT a penalty in accordance with its internal procedures in the following cases:
a) Loss of the vehicle key. The loss of the key of the vehicle will be charged on the Deposit of Guarantee in the amount of the cost of the original key of the manufacturer plus the amount of one hundred CUC (100 CUC), for the expenses caused to THE LESSOR.
b) Exceeding the agreed kilometer to carry out the maintenance of the vehicle.
c) The vehicle is delivered to THE LESSOR by an Unauthorized Additional Driver.
d) THE CLIENT delivers the extremely dirty vehicle.
e) Loss, deterioration or amendments to the Lease Agreement (150 CUC).
f) Loss of vehicle registration without having reported the incident to the Police. The loss of the license plate of the vehicle without having denounced the fact before the Police will be charged on Deposit of Guarantee in the amount of two hundred CUC (200 CUC), for the expenses caused to THE LESSOR.

-THE CLIENT exempts THE LESSOR from all liability for any damage that he and his passengers may suffer, both physical and material derived from the normal or abnormal use of the leased vehicle. Expressly declares to know the risks that the use of the vehicle can produce.
-THE LESSOR is not responsible for claims for robbery, loss or damage of any personal property of THE CLIENT or its passengers, left or abandoned in the vehicle, during or after the rental period.
-THE CLIENT will not make any physical or image changes to the vehicle, being obliged to make the maintenance and any king of repairing just at THE LESSORs repair garage, which will be free of charge if the vehicle does not show a caused breakdown by THE CLIENT negligence.

-THE CLIENT must return the vehicle with the same kind of fuel expressly indicated in the Rental Card and in the official places. Otherwise THE CLIENT will be responsible of the caused expenses bye the transfer and / or repair of the damages that could have been produced in the vehicle due to the use of inadequate fuel.
-The lubricant to be used in the rented vehicle will be supplied only in the places established by THE LESSOR. Otherwise, THE CLIENT will be responsible for the expenses caused by the transfer and / or repair of the damages that could have been produced in the vehicle due to the use of inadequate lubricant.
-THE CLIENT may not assign the use of the Vehicle to third parties, unless express consent is given by THE LESSOR, which must be reflected when including them as additional drivers in the Rental Card. In this case, THE CLIENT will always be solely liable to THE LESSOR and third parties for the damages that may be caused in and with the vehicle, regardless of who conducted it at the time they were generated.
-Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. Pets may be brought as long as the landlord has given his express authorization. The expenses of cleaning, derived from any breach, will be borne by the tenant. Likewise, the latter must assume the expenses derived from the ventilation or the elimination of the smell of tobacco, including the losses generated by the impossibility of renting the vehicle for some time due to this reason.

THE CUSTOMER further commits to:
1 Not use or allow the leased vehicle to be used as a means or instrument for the commission of crimes, punished, prohibited or simply sanctioned by the Law, assistance to criminals or protection, transport and shelter of objects from of crimes;
2 Do not transport people or merchandise, when this implies directly or indirectly subleasing the vehicle or transport paid;
3 Do not drive the vehicle in an inferior situation of physical conditions motivated by fatigue, illness or the effects of medications, alcohol or drugs;
4 Do not use the vehicle to tow or push other vehicles or trailers;
5 Not participate with the vehicle in any type of sporting events, races, training of any kind, official or not, nor in resistance tests of accessory materials or products for motorcycles;
6 Do not circulate outside the scope of circulation corresponding to the tourist circuit purchased / hired;
7 Do not transport passengers in a higher number than the authorized number and indicated in the Rental Card;
8 Do not transport any type of flammable, dangerous, radioactive, toxic or harmful goods in the vehicle;
9 Do not transport merchandise that exceeds the weight, quantity or volume authorized in the vehicle's registration certificate or technical sheet;
10 Do not transit outside the road network, or on unpaved roads or roads not suitable for traffic that may cause damage or any type of damage to the vehicle with the only exception that is provided in the tourist circuit purchased;
11 Do not transit in port facilities or airports;
12 Park the vehicle in suitable and safe places when it is not being used, using the safety locks;
13 Monitor oil levels, hydraulic fluids, coolant and tire pressure; stop the vehicle as soon as possible when any warning light that indicates anomaly in the operation of the same, should contact as soon as possible with THE LESSOR by calling the indicated telephones.

Any action that contravenes the traffic regulations, the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and the instructions of THE LESSOR will be considered misuse of the vehicle. Abnormal wear, checked by THE LESSOR, of the mechanical parts of the vehicle, especially tires, will be considered a misuse of the vehicle and will be charged to THE CLIENT.

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