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Mocht u vragen hebben dan kunt u contact met ons opnemen.                            

10. Standard Bond
If you decide to risk it and not take the All Inclusive package, you are responsible for the excess of $3000.
This is the amount you will have to pay for any damages, and applies per incident regardless who is at fault.
The excess will be deducted in full immediately upon report of an incident or accident. A non-­refundable bond-­handling fee of $75 applies for any damage or accident.
The excess will be refunded less the bond-­handling fee only if we are successful in recovering the full cost of the damages from the third party.
We accept Visa, Visa Debit and MasterCard. Cash Passports or Travel x are not accepted. The Bond is only frozen, not deducted from your account.

You also agree:
(a) You must provide credit card details to us at the commencement of the Rental Period for the purpose of freezing the Bond. We do not deduct the funds but sufficient funds must be present on the credit card at the time of Vehicle pick up.
(b) In the event of an accident regardless who is deemed at fault you will pay the daily repair fee, which is the agreed daily rental rate for each day the vehicle is off the road being repaired up to a maximum of 7 days. You will also be responsible for all associated costs in returning the Vehicle to the agreed rental location (Covered with the All Inclusive)
(c) The Bond will be debited regardless of any insurance purchased via a third Party.
(d) The Bond is fully refundable provided no damage has occurred to the Vehicle, when it is returned to the correct location at the right time; with a clean, rubbish-­free interior and the exterior panels are clearly visible so any damages can be seen.
(e) We reserve the right to bank the Bond after the return of your Vehicle for any un-­reported fines and damages to the Vehicle or third parties and their property.
(f) Third party insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand and claims can take months to resolve. Where the third party causes damage, you may be held liable for all damages even if it was not your fault, therefore we reserve the right to bank and not refund the bond.
(g) In the event the drivers credit card declines we reserve the right to process the bond from any other person(s) name on the Rental Agreement or person(s) that paid for part of the Bond.
PLEASE NOTE: If Spaceships is unable to freeze the full bond you will be unable to commence the hire unless you purchase the All Inclusive.

11. All Inclusive Insurance

Rocket, Beta 2, Beta 2S, Dream Sleeper Mini Vehicles
For additional non-­refundable fees of $30 per hire day, to a maximum payable of $1200 i.e. 40 days rental the All Inclusive package will reduce the $3000 excess to $0.
The All Inclusive covers all damage including;

  • The roof                                        
  • Under body               
  • Exterior panels
  • Unlimited windscreen chips            
  • Side mirrors               
  • $0 daily repair fee
  • Single vehicle accidents                 
  • Towing costs            
  • 2 replacement tyres
  • 1 single vehicle roll over
  • Glass cover
  • *Cover for gravel roads
  • 1 windscreen replacement
  • No one-­way fees
  • Road User charges

* NOTE: A windscreen replacement starts at $550 for our smallest Spaceships. Stone chips start at $75 each, and a tyre costs from $140. Gravel road cover excludes the three restricted roads mentioned in clause 4. You are also entitled to an express check in on your return. WE RECOMMEND TAKING THE ALL INCLUSIVE TO REDUCE YOUR RISK AND TRAVEL WITH COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND.

12. Glass Cover

This is included in the All Inclusive but if you decide to risk it and travel with the Standard Bond, Glass Cover is a good option to help minimise your exposure. For additional non-­refundable fees of $8 per hire day, to a maximum payable of $320 i.e. 40 days rental the Glass Cover will cover you for unlimited stone chips (cost $75 each repair), and loss or breakage of one front windscreen (cost up to $550 for a new windscreen). This also covers the windows and sunroof.
PLEASE NOTE: Glass Cover is included with All Inclusive. If just taking the Glass Cover the Standard Bond applies. Downtime is not refunded for chip and windscreen repairs.

13. Accidents

In the event of any form of accident resulting in damage to the Vehicle or any third party property you must contact us within 24 hours. The following procedures should be followed.
13.1 Third party accident
(a) In the event of an accident where a third party is deemed at fault and a replacement vehicle is required all hire days, and All Inclusive will be transferred to a new rental agreement. If Standard Excess applies a new bond will apply regardless of who is at fault.
(b) In the event of a single vehicle accident (including a Vehicle roll over) where a replacement vehicle is required, all hire days are transferred to a new rental agreement. A new Excess Reduction Option is required for the remaining hire days.
(c) In the event of an accident in which the vehicle is deemed drivable all hire days and All Inclusive will remain. If the Standard Excess applies, a new bond will apply for the remaining days of hire and must be paid immediately.
13.2 At the accident scene the customer must:
(a) Obtain the details of Third Parties and any Witnesses, and report the accident to the Police.
(b) Photograph damage to all vehicle(s) and registration number(s).
13.2 After the accident and at the Branch
(a) Call us and we will get the relevant forms to you.
(b) You must produce your Drivers Licence and hand over the police report (if applicable) along with the claim form and any supporting photographs.
(c) You are required to pay the excess (if applicable) and any other amount due in respect of any damage arising from an accident, loss or damage. This amount is payable at the time of reporting the event, not at completion of the hire. The daily rate fee applies if on the Standard Bond.
(d) Spaceships will ensure the Motor Vehicle Accident Report is completed clearly and accurately and signed by the Customer.

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